My Philosophy
Birth is sacred.
I view birth as a natural, normal life event. That the body intuitively knows how to give birth. I believe when we are given the opportunity to make informed choices about our health and well being in pregnancy and birth, that we are left feeling empowered.
My Story

My journey into Midwifery started long before any of my formal training began. Growing up in a large family, I had the opportunity to witness my mother, attended by midwives, give birth peacefully at home to my younger siblings. As a young child, those births instilled in me that birth was a natural, normal life event. It shaped a positive impact on my veiw of pregnancy and birth.

Naturally, when I became pregnant, I also made the choice to give birth at home attended by a Midwife. The birth of my 3 children was truly the most empowering and life changing, and left me craving to be part of the birth world. I found myself spending hours reading books from Ina May Gaskin and Sheila Kitzinger, amongst many others.

In 2009, pregnant with my third baby, I was given the opportunity to attend a monthly Midwifery Study group led by Midwife Linda Mchale. Not long after, I was attending births under her guidence.

In 2012, after encouragement from Linda, I officially enrolled in Midwifery school. In the years to follow, I was blessed to have an amazing apprenticeship with not only Linda McHale, but also Dina Aurichio of New Birth Experiences, and Joanne Gottschall.

Since that time, I have had the wonderful privilege of attending well over 200 births. I look forward to the many more to come, and feel so blessed to be able to offer my services to you and your family!

My Training
Associate of Science in Midwifery

National College Of Midwifery 2016

Certified Professional Midwife

North American Registry Of Midwives 2016

NJ Licensed Midwife

State Board of NJ Medical Examiners 2016

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom, support and compassion during our journey together. You always knew just what to do and say. You are an amazing Midwife.” Alissa J.
“Thank you so much for your warmth and care throughout my pregnancy. You enabled me to have a relaxed and calm birth.” Sara Y.

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