Free Consultation 

A free consultation in my home, where we go over the services I provide and answer any questions you may have about homebirth. 

Phone & Email Support 

Throughout your pregnancy, you are always welcome to reach out via a phone call, text, or email for any questions or concerns that may arise before our next prenatal visit.  

Prenatal Visits 

Prenatal Visits are done in my home, and consist of at least an hour visit where we will focus on you and your baby. We spend time talking about your health, nutrition and your general overall feelings. I also can make suggestions on homeopathy and herbs to help support your pregnancy and overall heath.

During labor  

When you feel labor may be starting, I ask that you contact me and we will discuss what is happening at that time. Once we have decided it is time for me to come, I remain with you until 2-4 hours after your baby is born. Throughout your labor, I am there to offer my guidance and support to help bring your baby earthside in a safe and loving environment.

Holistic Homebirth and Midwifery Care Provided with Love and Respect

Newborn Exam

After the birth of your baby, a full newborn exam will be done. This comprehensive exam includes apgar scores, weight and measurements, gestational assessment, physical maturity and neuromuscular maturity. 

Professional Information 

I'm a Licensed Certified Professional Midwife, offering Holistic Homebirth Midwifery services in New Jersey. Each client is given individualized care and support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.

Postpartum follow-up visits 

I offer 2-4 at home postpartum visits after the birth. These visits are to ensure that both baby and mom are well and healthy, and help with establishing breastfeeding. I also offer the newborn metabolic screening test, as well as the congenital cardiac heart defect screening. 

Your postpartum care is concluded at 6 weeks with an in office visit. 

Informed Choice/Consent

Throughout your pregnancy you will be making many decisions, and choices regarding your care, and the care of your baby. In choosing to birth at home, you are making an informed choice and have educated yourself on both the benefits and risks. As your Midwife, I will help support you in making informed choices.  

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